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Silver Bow Stadium update - From the Chairman

Silver Bow Stadium update - From the Chairman

By Jason Masters
31st July 2015
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“We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing, but let us not forget for a moment the toil and efforts that lie ahead”

The bold decisions made yesterday by the Strategic Planning Committee to approve both planning permissions at Treyew Road and Silver Bow has ensured the sustainability of Truro City Football Club.

The new Stadium will be built to Grade A, 4000 capacity, Clubhouse with 250 Function facility and a 3G All-weather Pitch. Fit for purpose, in short the Silver Bow project ticks all the boxes now and is designed to be future proof and will allow Truro City to fulfil its commitments and achieve another promotion without further capital expenditure.

We will now be able play football without fear of being evicted or being held back by a lack of facilities. We will be able to compete on an equal basis with other Clubs within our league.

The First and Ladies teams training will all be carried out at Silver Bow under one roof and in all weathers. The much needed Youth Academy will be implemented using the new 3G Pitch given real opportunities to promote our young local talent.

Silver Bow gives Truro City Football Club the opportunity to become sustainable going forward in the National League and it will ensure that the good people of Truro City and indeed Cornwall will get the opportunity to follow, watch or play football at the highest level.
It is a tight build timetable with a completion date of July 2016 but what has been achieved since October 2012 I am confident we can deliver what promises to be the Cornwall Premier Football Stadium.

Finally, given that I am one of the ten Truro Carbon Logic Ambassadors, I have pledge that the Silver Bow Stadium will be built with a Lower Carbon Footprint than that currently at Treyew Road.

Peter Masters

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