Ground Regulations

Truro City FC Ground Regulations

Truro City Football Club reserve the right to prosecute or eject any person who within the club premises is deemed to behave in any of the following ways:

Entering the field of play

Using obscene language

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Making vulgar gestures

Using terms of racial abuse

Using fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, pyrotechnics is illegal by law. The Club and National League adhere to a strict zero tolerance when pyro is used in the ground. Police will be informed and criminal action could be taken against offenders. SMOKE - NO JOKE.

Knives, bottles, cans, poles and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety are not permitted within the Ground.

Entering reserved areas for opposing supporters (when applicable).

The Club may at its discretion bar anyone guilty of such offences.

Any person barred shall be liable for civil action for trespass should they attempt to enter the ground during the period of their ban.

He/she has the Right Of Appeal for reconsideration of the term; such application should be in writing to The Board Of Directors whose decision will be final and binding.

It is forbidden to climb floodlight pylons, stands and any other structure within the ground or obstruct gangways.

Emergency and access gates must be kept clear at all times.

Vehicles are parked in the car park at the owner's risk. Any vehicle causing an obstruction or parked without permission may be removed.

The Club Management reserve the right of admission to the ground.

Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the Club Management reserve the right to change it's advertised fixtures without notice and liability. Replays following abandoned games follow the National League Rules procedures.

If a Match or Season Ticket is re-sold or transferred without the written consent or the club, it will become void and the holder may be refused entry to, or ejected from the stadium.

The Club Management reserves the right to refuse admission to, or eject from the ground any person who refuses to be searched by any servant or agent of the club or any Police Officer.

The throwing of any object within the ground is strictly forbidden.

Any person found damaging or defacing the property of the club will be prosecuted.

Persons failing to comply with instructions from a steward, Police Officer or authorised agent of the club will be ejected from the ground.

Entry to the ground requires a payment at the turnstile, as determined at the time. Entry after 75 minutes of play is free (when the security exit gates open). Entry to the game up to 75 minutes requires full payment to be made.

Photography: Photographers must register with the Club before the match and provide approved accreditation. Photography should be undertaken from inside the green pitch barrier wearing hi-vis vest or jacket. (As their is limited space between barrier and white lines on the sides of the pitch, photography is recommended from the goal ends). Photographers should remain seated and not wander within the perimeter when a match is in play.

The Club Management reserves the right for it's servants, security staff and police to remove from this ground, any person who does not comply with these ground regulations.

All persons entering this ground are admitted only subject to their acceptance of the above ground regulations and The Rules And Regulations of The Football Association and The National League. The National League is fully supportive of the Club Ground Regulations and considers seriously all breaches of behaviour regulations.

Entry to the ground will constitute unqualified acceptance of all these rules and regulations.

July 2015.


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